► Guild Wars – Guild Wars 2 PvE – Part 1

Counterstrike Source Tips: Guild Wars 2 is now free. You can download and play it right now, for nothing. But rather than a full free-to-play transition, ArenaNet is instead changing what you pay for. The core game is free; the upcoming expansion—Heart of Thorns—is not.



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  1. been playing for a year now on and off but its amazing to see how much the game changed in 1 year thumbs up to ArenaNet!! I dont even know how the game will look like next year

  2. Unfortunately, no. The PvE is terrible, but the PvP is completely terrible. Some people really like GW2, I personally don’t like it that much.

  3. Understandable 🙂 I’m going through a no-life stage though, so I don’t care much about the price, I just wanted to hear some opinions.

  4. You should watch MMOHut guild wars first look video and you will see what the game has to offer in a nut shell. hope it helps 🙂

  5. It’s not his screen, if you actually spent more than 30 seconds of the video you will hear that this was the gamescom 2011 demo.
    Shocking how ignorant people are

  6. That is between me and my computer. No really.. What I mean is that I didn’t really do anything besides set in front of my computer and primarily played games, so spending my money on that was not a problem. I was hoping for gameplay related answers.

    I’ve completed the game now of course, fortunately while the hype about it was still there. It became rather dead in comparison in the end.

  7. why does he assosiate charr with cows? no hands like cows, no feet like cows, no face like cows, dont walk like cows, no teeth like cows. only horns which not all cows have. xD

  8. 14:01 lol. I can already imagine a T-shirt with the design of a charr leaping through the air with writing under it saying "I AM BATTLE-COW!"

  9. i dont even understand these people and there "zomg this is such a wow killer" why do people care if a new mmo kills WoW,just play what u want lol,as for me,i play both,cause there BOTH great games

  10. I have no idea why does he find the PVE bad o.0 you got super fun dungeons(some of them are hard as fuck) you have amazing Temple Runs in lvl 80, you got dragon fights all over the world. WvW is simply awsome with the right guild you run around and fight against 2 other servers, PVP dosnt have much contant into it yet but it is improving every month you can have 5 v 5 and now you can have 1 v 1 as well in a special pvp area. GAME IS FUCKING AWSOME best MMO imo

  11. am I the only person who rebinds almost everything to arrow keys and the keys around them using up the first like 20 minutes of gameplay?

  12. There are plenty of vids here on Youtube talking about he differences between them both. Just make a quick search, Im sure you will find your opinions.
    I played WoW for years, and quit about 2 years ago. Im looking forward to GW2.

  13. Personally for me, I really want to play WoW but the monthly price is just too high. I’m just hoping GW2 will be as good as it should be.

  14. I’m never going back to wow unless they make it FTP. I REFUSE to pay a monthly fee to play something from now on, being that there is so many free alternatives out there (like GW2).

  15. i desperately wanted to love this game, but try as i might i could not find enjoyment in it. the game is not bad but i think not everyone will find it is for their tastes :). tho seeing this vid i wish i tried a charr lol. think i did only humans in my try haha.

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