► Guild Wars – GW2 Beta – Mesmer Gameplay / Overview

Counterstrike Source Tips: Glider Basics. Before completion: Gain access to the glider so that you can glide like a squirrel across the highest points of the Heart of Maguuma. After completion: To glide, jump from a high place, and then press the jump key again while falling. Glider Basics is the mastery that unlocks the Gliding mechanic.



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  1. funny to see all the horny virgins commenting on her voice and that she " sounds sexy" on a MMO gameplay video

  2. Holy Shit! Someone who actually made sense to me when explaining the Skills with Weapons system. Lol. Awesome video Genna (:

  3. Hey! As a girl gamer, my voice makes me a looooad of money on my streams! Let them be horny virgins for my sake. 🙁

  4. This voice reminds me of the voice you hear when you play the tutorial of Unreal Tournament 1999… Kinda unknown maybe, but it ocurred to me.

  5. As opposed to…?
    I think people who play mesmers don’t feel that way.
    Well, people who LIKE mesmers at least. I’ve been playing GW2 for 3 months, and I finally decided on the mesmer as my favorite profession to play.
    I never once felt pigeon-holed, because the way that it’s played is the reason I play it.

  6. If that’s how you want to see it. I’m not going to tell you how to view my comment that wasn’t meant to be condescending. Hard to place a voice in text.

  7. I mained mesmer, so take my advice: just roll warrior or guardian and get it over with. If you are looking for the type of game-deciding power that GW1 mesmers had, you can join us for cyanide koolaid this weekend where we will mourn the death of good RPG PvP.

  8. Also, I was giving her a compliment for not showing her tits for ratings and subs. I like it when a girl actually has a view on something and isn’t worried about flashing to the guy viewers.

  9. Great explanation , without annoying dumb talks and complains about everything , simple – which makes it very easy to catch its meaning . As well your voice is so relaxing and cute . Keep going 🙂

  10. I once had a blind date, cause her sexy voice on the phone made me scream(!) to meet her.
    Note to self & horny guys out there..

    She may look exactly the opposite of what you imagine/hope..

  11. I feel sorry, that she can’t make an intellectual video, without horny guys commenting on her hot voice.

    Just because she has a hot voice, doesn’t mean she may be hot IRL. No offense to the person doing the video or anything, but she is just doing it to help new players. I’m mostly impressed that a girl really knows how to play the character’s and isn’t freaking out over the pink and purple color combinations first.

  12. thank god..i feared for my life knowing that there could could of been someone at tht lvl waiting for me O_0 lol xD

  13. Mesmer with greatsword is my favourite too, with my switch off as septor and torch (for the clone after a few hits, and the torches invisibility–saved my butt so many times!)

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