Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #7

Counterstrike Source Tips: When playing at long distances against awpers, make very small strafing motions back and forth. There is a good reason why: when double scoped with a gun, strafing targets are really hard to hit. You're barely moving left or right, just moving an inch or so back and forth... people forget that when they have an AK out, and they move back and forth several inches, making them an easy target.



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  1. When they said Don Rickels looks like yoda I think it’s a compliment cause yoda is wise and that’s a good thing and plus I love Star Wars.

  2. Jeez, that plastic surgery definitely isn’t going under the radar on Courteney Cox😬🀒

  3. The last one is great ones hahahhahahahaha….. Sofia vargara, you so hot girls, that way? hahahahaha…. Lol

  4. Omg David Blane. As he read that tweet, it rang true all over his face. Wow! That person hit it right on the nose lol!

  5. This is stupid, they just read the tweets w/out providing commentary. Is this what TV has come to? F this

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