Counterstrike Source Tips: Change up your style. If you're playing someone good, they will figure out what angles you like pretty fast. It's best to switch between many different styles of playing and hiding places to avoid becoming predictable. When you're saving, often buy smokes to defer the AWPers.



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  1. you should have showed how to show paint and crosshair control in the console to allow the players to try it by themselves

  2. I aim at someone start shooting then immediately crouch after it works effectively from close to medium range if their body is showing

  3. Im NOT the i know how ak you dont need to teach me . Good Tips Im A New Player . Good Video 😀 . I subbed 🙂

  4. BananaGaming my AK47 Skin is Case Hardened. Yours is Vulcan. Damn my Big Brother told me I cant do multiplayer cause if I do my PC will crash, but I have fun with Renamed Bots like players. Btw my AK47 Skillz are headshots like what you did. And yes, I do wallbangs ALOT.

  5. cn any1 tell me what r the commands for playing lyk this with bots lyk in this video
    where bots r nt moving n respawning evrywhere all over the map n we cn do team kill also..
    plz any1

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