Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Counterstrike Source Tips: Customize your configuration to work for you. Even if you have used the default config, and that's what you're used to, try to see if you can make some keystrokes more efficient for you. Using low sensitivity is more accurate as you can move with greater precision. Turn off weapon auto switch, turn on weapon fast switch. Turn off Vsync, mouse smoothing and mouse acceleration. Fix your rates, for a high bandwidth connection: rate 25000, cl_updaterate 101, and cl_cmdrate 101 is good... You can tweak your config if you have a slower computer



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  1. Me lembro que escutava essa musica quando era pequeno,no telefone da minha irmã,naquele tempo era os de botoes!nostálgico

  2. It is never ok to abuse your partner mentally or physically where it’s a guy doing it to a girl or a girl doing it to a guy, not even with same sex partners. You don’t deserve a second chance.

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