Guild Wars 2 – A Quick Look at “Augmented Tyria” | In-game Map Completion Tool

Counterstrike Source Tips: GW2 for PS4. Guild Wars 2 need to release for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Sales will increase by 2000%. The game is perfect for console, with some minor changes it will be one of the best games for console, on par with Diablo 3 or even better.



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  1. looks cool. Considering how many hours alot of us have put into doing map completion or are bored with this aspect of the game, I think this will push those of us that don’t do open world into actually doing some open world again.

  2. I dont see why people bitch about it. If you dont like it, if it ruins your inmersion… it doesn’t have to ruin your experience IF YOU DONT USE IT. It really is that simple.

    Exploration is fun to me when its organic, but some of us dont LIKE to run around and pew pew mindlessly to see a little bar fill up or spend hours pressing W to get to certain points. Being ‘forced’ to figure out how to get to an obscure POI is not my sense of fun. I like to WvW, I like to pvp, and do fractals, the less time I need to spend on the time sink that is map completion, the better.

  3. I’ve got a very annoying message on the left mid of my screen when I launch the .exe
    "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (x2)"
    And some more…. how do I remove that? The route itself works so far.

  4. I actually uploaded this a day or two ago, but was scared to publish till we had talked some more about lore! I hope you guys enjoy – and tomorrow I have another half hour of story in the conclusion of Tyrian Travels as was promised last week. All just in time to talk some more about Balthazar, I think!

  5. "…This obviously wouldn’t be something you recommend for someone who just started playing the game, this is only for many years later once you have completely LOST YOUR SOUL doing this enough times…" – WP on the tool


  6. Can you make it so that it only gives you the route for all waypoints/hero points and leaves the pois/hearts alone? I’ve been tempted by Lulleh’s maps for hero point farming on my alts for expansion preparation, but I’ve not been able to find a conclusive answer for whether or not it can do this (either Lulleh’s or this interpretation of it).

  7. I don’t see a problem with giving people the option -especially to those that already did it once. The problem is when arenanet cuts content and replaces it with ‘convenience’ menus. But mods like these are always nice to see.

  8. Ok this is awesome. I have multiple map completions and chars that still need to complete. This is a great aid to me and makes it easier especially while i’m streaming. Hope it gets some attention to make it here for a while

  9. Me: Aye nice video wp loved it. Now I’m going to read a ton of comments to see what people think before I install.

    A ton of YouTube comments: I don’t support this and think it’s a disgusting app. I don’t know why wp would use something as unholy and sinful as this program. Bla bla terrible stuff about this program.

    Me: Well shoot…. Whatever, I’m still installing and liking the video. After all, being able to modify games, customize things however I like, and better graphics are the main reasons why I play pc over console.

  10. This is fantastic for a completionist like myself. Once you have 100% world completion on a few characters doing it anymore is soul destroying. So this is brilliant!

  11. i think this would be far more attractive if it wasn’t so bland and ugly. something like long strokes of paint would be nice. that would fit into the game’s design nicely.

  12. Apps like this, TacO and others that spy on your gear and dps make me sick. It looks awful, removes any gameplay from the game. Might as well just program a bot to follow the line or pay someone minimum wage to play for you if you’re going to resort to using this. The mumble API clearly wasn’t designed with this in mind, and has been abused. I hope it gets cracked down on before the situation gets any worse, and I’m disappointed that WP would approve and advertise such things.

  13. While it’s kind of nice to see how many people are upset with the concept of this tool, I just wish they weren’t so shitty about it. Lighten up, folks. You’re in here arguing that tools like this affect the spirit and community of the game, but you’re doing it by being abusive and disrespectful which kinda demonstrates a toxic and unhealthy community. I know that at the end of my first map completion I wish something like this existed because I did a lot of slogging around trying to find that last poi, or vista, in some dark cruddy corner of the map.

  14. For those who haven’t figured it out, to copy-paste the linked WPs, on the numpad you have to press 5 to select the nearest node (ie. the blue circle with the WP) then press 3 to copy it to the clipboard. Then paste it in chat with ctrl + v, preferably on your own personal guild chat or you can even whisper to yourself.

  15. This could not have come at a better time! I have been putting off my mapping like a teenager doing dishes. Thank you WP for bringing us the latest gadgets!
    I still use GW2 buddy you reviewed a while back to get my dailies done on main and alt account at the same time!

  16. Love it! This is exactly the kind of tool I needed to motivate me to do some more map completion on my alts. Thank you for showing it WP.

  17. I love this actually. After doing map comp a few times, I want to start map completion with a new character. But then you have zero waypoints and no longer a clue where you got to go. It can get so tedious and unfun when the whole map is vague you die along the way, run back, hope there’s a waypoint nearby, use a second screen for a map of tyria (I have to split my little laptop screen in half for that.. not very immersive). This would make it a bit easier when running with a new character for map comp.

  18. Good idea, terribly executed. Half of the time Im directed to a waypoint and stuck looking for the right path to follow, and the other half I end up somehow going backwards or at the end of the path without even realizing where I went wrong.

  19. How did you get a gif as a background? Or is that a video? Nothing I find online seems to really tell me anything. Is it possible to cycle then, similar to cycling pictures in a folder? What about both combined? If anyone knows, I would really appreciate it.

  20. I really don’t get the attitude of some people in here. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t like the tool and have no intention of using it – but what makes you think that you have any say in how others play the game? You don’t. Everyone does and accomplishes things differently. It’s really no concern of yours what other people are doing.

  21. If you want to get Waypoint-code copied to your Clipboard just use follow mode with "CTRL or for me its ALT" so you follow the lines and if you get to a Waypoint "circle code" consume it (if you move on it) and its copied to your clipboard, so you dont need to write it manually down 🙂

    Also in follow mode its much easier
    to follow and you wont get confused at all 😉

  22. Hey, WP, is that a live wallpaper on your desktop? If so, I would love to see a video on how you did that, or even something along the lines of a reddit post. Cheers!

  23. I could not get the routes to work. I can create, but I cannot follow or see created routes….not sure what the problem is.

  24. I hate the elitism of the people that think if you use a tool or a guide to map complete efficiently then you’re ruining the game. I mean how does it affect you at all? You aren’t going to use the tool anyway!
    Also I wonder if people might start doing map completion speedruns. Just the idea that Lulleh’s guide might actually be comparatively slower than some route that nobody has discovered yet. So cool!

  25. Map completion is easy enough in this game without using a tool like this but that’s me. Some people may want to use it and that’s their decision, more power to them.

    I cannot remember the name of it but I remember back in GW1 I used a program to get 100% map completion for each region for the HoM. In all fairness you almost had to. I doubt too many people were going to get 100% on their own with all the tricky angles and hidden corners and such.

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