Halo 5 – Insanely Clutch Super Fiesta FFA!

Halo Tips: The Smart Scope is great at mid to long-range when you’re not in imminent danger, but absolutely useless up close. It gives you a better view and increases accuracy, but limits your angle of vision and delays you when you’re trying to aim and fire. Forget what you’ve learnt from Battlefield or Call of Duty; when the enemy is close, always shoot from the hip.



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  1. My man, I am a big fan of you and the channel but these videos are getting so boring. Are you going to come out with any new content ideas in the upcoming weeks? I know you have them in you, change it up a bit my friend.

  2. Uber daddy for the win also please limit your pubg a little bit remember you still have 30,000 people that subbed to a Halo channel. Doing older Halo games would be cool though

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