Halo vs Destiny : Live Action Battle

Halo Tips: Sure, it sounds like a simple thing to say, but in Halo 5 multiplayer, it really pays to be the guy (or girl) that can dish out headshots. This isn’t Call of Duty. Enemies will have shields, thrusters and may take a while to take out. So always aim for the head. To do this you might want to familiarise yourself with the Battle Rifle (as we’ve mentioned before), sniper rifles, pistols and even the DMR.



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  1. halo all the way and plus the only reason destiny is considered in this argument is because bungie made it which is the same company that started halo

  2. Knock-off V.S Original…
    Let’s just say one of them was released back in 2001 and one of them was released back in 2014.
    I’m a fan of original ideas and not “Inspirations” so in my personal opinion, Halo wins.
    And uh, 0:54 Master Chief, I don’t think that’s how you hold an assault rifle, it’s not a rocket launcher.

  3. Halo should obviously win because Jesus the weight how the hell did one of those destiny things smash the ground and knock the Spartan … *Facepalm* this video is so inaccurate

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