Call Of Duty Tips: Modern Warfare 3 is the Fastest Selling Game of All Time. Modern Warfare 3 sold 8.8 million copies in its first month, breaking every sales record set prior. In fact, the previous record holder was another Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Black Ops, at 8 million in sales



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  1. Hey goblin there’s a contract in major Howard for a bar variant. It’s called the Old Captain, is kinda like ice from BO3 with some grey on it, and you only need 400 rifle kills

  2. bruhh y r u making a video on this it’s literally exactly the same as the epic ducksoup only difference is it shinier lmaooo

  3. i really like this gun.. my favorite right now tho is the snake 2 and mp40 wunderwaffe.. just like the iron sights lil better

  4. Just to say that any variant of the PPSH is the same as any other one there is no difference only cosmetic lol

  5. Is anyone having this problem… doing contracts with quarter master for armoury credits and they aren’t showing upon completion? It’s only happening when I do quarter master contracts. Daily contracts with major Howard work fine.

  6. I gave you a like But:
    The game is shit. unoptimised with shit servers, and I am tired of getting teamed with 5 prestige players against 3 under ranked players.
    This game has no idea of how to balance teams to give everyone an even and enjoyable playing field.

  7. You should do best mix and match classes. Like one class set up I’ve been playing around with is mountain with an mp40 (all out 2 variant) and instincts basic training.

  8. Yoo Gob have u ever noticed every time u use the air plane score streak ,u get two kills
    Ps:i forgot the name of the score streak

  9. I just wanted to tell a little story – So ever since WW2 came out I wanted the iron curtain PPSH variant since I just like the flat iron sights on the pp and also PPSH is myfavorite gun but I never got it. Then yesterday I finally completed my 2x heroic bribe and got the thrive 2 n I was hyped and obviously used it a shit ton, after I got the heroic bribe about two games later I hit prestiege 8 so after I prestieged I opened my only rare supply drop I had left, saw and epic and said iron curtain. I got it 😍

  10. Hey goblin I was just wondering what was your rush rout on Ardennes forest when you spawn in the mounted mg in the armory side on dom since it’s so predictable to run through the armory

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